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Freelance designer (Julia Kent):

I mostly participate in projects that require communication with people through the web, and I send them lots of examples of my work. I used to make screenshots, saved them to PC, edit images with Photoshop and only then send them via e-mails. With Jet Screenshot, I can avoid such a waste of time and reach virtually the same goal - sharing an edited screenshot in seconds.

CEO in software development company (Mark Winston):

I started using Jet Screenshot with one objective - to help our team work together more effective. It's exactly what I got. With the simple and effective screenshot exchange approach of Jet Screenshot, we can share examples of work and convey ideas much faster. Having used Jet Screenshot for several weeks, we can't imagine our work without it. I really appreciate Jet Screenshot for making our web communication more productive.

Student (Julia Rogers):

I really value Jet Screenshot for the ability to quickly show my friends any stuff I come across. It can be a piece of some serious work or something funny for entertainment. I use it every day. Now it's so easy to share all interesting things I see and then discuss them with my friends. I recommend you give it a try.

Business Analyst (Bob Kolias):

Excellent program, I use it about 15 times a day. Nothing can match it if you have to show quickly and clearly what you want or what you see on your screen! With Jet Screenshot my phone calls, email and video conferences can now be supplemented with pictures, and this helps a lot! I don't need 1000 words explanations anymore. I make a snap, annotate and share it easily with my co-worker by Yahoo Messenger. I think image collaboration should be easy and take no more than a few seconds to edit and share a captured image with anyone. This is exactly what Jet Screenshot is doing. Try it!

Support service specialist (Nick Piron):

Although this is certainly not the best or most feature packed screen shot software I have, it is great for when i am doing tech support and need to take shots and upload quickly. The url to the image is automatically copied to the clipboard for pasting into an IM or email. Very cool.

Internet Surfer (Don Bear):

Really nicely done. Easy screen capture, and then, virtually instantly, it's uploaded onto Jet Screenshot server and a link to it is sitting in your Clipboard, waiting to be pasted into a web browser or an email, instant messenger, etc. Great software!

Engineer (Luc Bernouin):

Let me congratulate you on this fabulous product. I live in France and work with a company which is in India. And I use Jet Screenshot every day! I remember when I had to capture in a file, then they would have to donwload the file and open it before the could see it. Now it is 2 clicks for me and just one for them! Sure it has changed my life, and for FREE! :)

Student (Ann Efremova):

Jet Screenshot has got to be one of the best screenshot capture programs out there. It is not limited to sending the image up to a server. The drop box supplies a number of options that you can do with the file - Share in Web - Share to FTP - Save to File (either jpg or png) - or Copy to Clipboard. The other great feature of the program is the ability to annotate the image with either text or with the multicolor drawing tool, should your image require emphasis in a particular area that you would like to draw attention to. This one should be in everyone's toolbox.

CEO (Vladimir Katalov):

That's one of the tools I cannot live without, seriously. I never thought that making a screen shot and sharing it with my friends, colleagues and business associates could be so easy, fast, convenient and effective. I'm using JetScreenshot on a regular basis for a long time, and should say that is a 'must have' tool that everyone should have. Hats off to developers -- please keep up the good work!

Business Systems Trainer (David Martel):

I create manuals and use a screen capture utility. Have been doing that for years. The problem with the screen capture utility I have been using, you cannot edit your screenshot. With Jet Screenshot, it allows me to easily add annotations, boxes, ovals etc... right in the application. I love this program. Just got it today but I am so excited, I sent the link to 55 more people. Thank you so much for this wonderful utility.

CEO, MyBusinessCatalog (Alexander Chulpanov):

I talk to customers on a regular basis, providing technical support and consultations on how to use the software. And it is often much easier to show something once rather than describe it over and over again. Jet Screenshot perfectly handles the job! We have used this irreplaceable tool for many years because it is so easy and efficient.
Thanks a lot for this wonderful application. Keep up a good job!

Executive Assistant (Heather T. Uva):

Pictures explain so much better than words do when someone is having a tech support issue. I used to have to take a regular printscreen, paste it into Word/Outlook, and then create red circles and lines, then group the entire picture before sending it to illustrate solutions as a tech support rep - it was a pain that took up too much time. Now it is so easy! I really appreciate this freeware.

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