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Share Desktop over the Globe in Three Clicks, for Free - What does it normally take you to share a snap of your desktop with someone on the other side of the globe? Are you used to going the killing capture-edit-save-upload-share route? Now the same can be done in just a couple of mouse clicks, and it will cost you absolutely nothing.


Exchange of Screen Shots in Three Clicks by Sharing Them on FTP - Jet Screenshot enables you to share screen shots via internet in seconds. It allows you to take a snap, edit it and send to Web, so that you can immediately provide anyone with the link to the image.

How to Twitter Picture on Twitter - These days lots of people use Twitter to exchange quick messages. For all the advantages, twittering has one drawback - there is no easy way to twitter a picture. For the people who want to overcome this problem, I decided to write this twitter tip where I'm going to talk about one easy method to do it. I hope you will find it useful.

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