Share screen shots via the internet in seconds:
take a shot, edit it quickly and then send to the internet, to get a link which you can immediately provide to anyone

What does it normally take you to share a snap of your desktop with someone on the other side of the globe? Are you used to going the killing capture-edit-save-upload-share route? Now the same can be done in just a couple of mouse clicks, and it will cost you absolutely nothing.

Jet Screenshot enables you to share screen shots via internet in seconds. The program sits in the system notification area, in the corner by the digital clock, ready to capture your screen whenever you click on the icon - then it drops the selected-area marker on your screen, where you can crop the area to be sent over, mark or comment it, just like you would do with a pencil over a sheet of paper. Just a click on the 'Share to Web' button, once all the manipulations are done, completes the work, and in a few moments you will have the Web link to the image in the clipboard.

Send a link in a variety of ways: the messenger, mail, by phone, forums, chats, etc. Don't bother sending e-mails with the attached screen snap to one or multiple users, in that case you'll also waste time waiting for the reply. Contact them directly in a chat or forum to deliver the link and get a reply right away.

Jet Screenshot opens up new opportunities of user interaction on the Web. You will be free to express yourself the way you want and share thoughts immediately. The great thing is also that you can get all these features at no cost exactly at this moment as Jet Screenshot is provided free of charge. Try out the full version right now to discover the new way of quick and effective communication.

The tool of choice for communication within your office

Jet Screenshot helps its users to communicate ideas faster clearly, explain concepts, and archive electronic information with point-and-click convenience. It's ideal for team collaboration within your office and is extremely efficient in quick communication of bugs, ideas, spreadsheets, documents, UI designs, and more:

Jet Screenshot is specially designed for office work. Unlike similar programs, it allows you to upload a captured and edited screenshot to your own FTP server. You don't need to share your private information with any on-line service and have ability to restrict access to captured screenshots by yourself.

Interested? Download the full version right now and enhance your communication with your remote team by having regular discussions facilitated with screen sharing.

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