Exchange of Screen Shots in Three Clicks by Sharing Them on FTP

Jet Screenshot enables you to share screen shots via internet in seconds. It allows you to take a snap, edit it and send to Web, so that you can immediately provide anyone with the link to the image.

Share screen shots via internet in seconds with the help of incredibly useful freeware utility - Jet Screenshot. Take a shot, edit it quickly and then send to FTP, to get a link with which you can immediately provide anyone, using all means of communication. It's ideal for fast and handy exchange of visual information.

How often you see something that is worth sharing? It can be related to work as well as entertainment, between friends and colleagues. When you feel like showing things you see, don't hesitate to use Jet Screenshot, it won't take more than a few moments. In any type of communication, it is important to convey information quickly and easily for both the sender and the recipient. Jet Screenshot will be a valuable helper making snaps exchange as easy as pie.

Jet Screenshot creates a special icon in system tray clicking on which you will begin uploading the screen snap to the server. As soon as the image is uploaded to the server, its link will be automatically copied to clipboard so that you can send it anyone you like. Such an approach allows you to speed up sharing of ideas, facilitating further discussion.

Send a link in a variety of ways: the messenger, mail, by phone, forums, chats, etc. Don't bother sending e-mails with the attached screen snap to one or multiple users, in that case you'll also waste time waiting for the reply. Contact them directly in a chat or forum to deliver the link and get a reply right away. Make your communication more efficient with Jet Screenshot.

Need to note something in addition to screenshot? Simply edit a shot prior to sending it to FTP using the built-in editing tools. Just press a print screen key to take a screen snap and then access various editing tools like text, lines and geometric figures to quickly add marks to the screenshot. Rapidly materialize your thoughts and express ideas in writing on the fly. Even if you won't like the first sketch, you are free to move, reshape and delete any of your marks.

With Jet Screenshot, sharing visual information takes minimal efforts


Jet Screenshot opens up new opportunities of user interaction on the Web. You will be free to express yourself the way you want and share thoughts immediately. The great thing is also that you can get all these features at no cost exactly at this moment as Jet Screenshot is provided free of charge. Try out the full version right now to discover the new way of quick and effective communication.

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