How to capture the computer screen and share screensnap over the Web. Watch 2 min know-how video:

Screen capture software to share ideas

Jet Screenshot is a simple way to communicate with other people visually. Forget about wordy explanations in email or phone talks! Show people what you mean in ONE picture. Use Jet Screenshot to capture a shot of the computer screen, upload it to the Web and share a link with anyone you want to show it. Telling people what you mean has never been so easy and straightforward - capture, annotate, share - that's all you need to do.

Let's say, you found an error in the application and want to tell the programmer about it. Using Jet Screenshot, you can do it in three simple steps:

Now the only thing to do is press Ctrl+V to paste the link to Skype and send it to the programmer. If you don't have Skype, no problem! Use any other internet messenger or mail client, like GTalk, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, Microsoft Outlook, or The Bat.

Who is it for?

Jet Screenshot is specially designed for office work. This is why it'll be useful for most anyone who communicates online:

Start using Jet Screenshot right now! Click the button below the video and download Jet Screenshot to share your ideas with ease.

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